More efficient handling of invoices


Discover how CogiDocs assist you with incoming invoices

A lot of organisations still receive paper invoices. This task is time consuming and far from most companies core business

CogiDocs could assist you with this invoice handling and make your workday easier. We would like to present how our services could help your organisation to save both time and money.

This is how we can ease the entire invoicing process:

  • Your suppliers send invoices directly to CogiDocs
  • All invoices are promptly scanned
  • Validation and quality control is executed
  • Invoice data, with a scanned picture of the document, is exported to your workflow

In addition to paper, CogiDocs is able to handle invoices in

  • PDF
  • TIF
  • XML

All invoices are interpreted, validated and quality controlled. If anything look suspicious, the invoice will be manually reviewed by our staff. This can be done with the following data:

  • Organisation ID
  • Bank account
  • Payment reference
  • Date format
  • Amount, including sales tax (like VAT in Norway)
  • Your reference

You will receive a validated invoice promptly and securely in your digital workflow.