Invoice Processing

More efficient handling of invoices


Do you want to improve accuracy and reduce the time spent on invoice processing?

Many organisations still receive paper invoices. Manual processing is time consuming and unproductive for skilled accounts payable staff.

This is how we can ease the entire invoicing process:

CogiDocs can help you address these daily challenges by automating your invoice processing, saving you valuable time and resources. Our high-quality data capture and advanced processing technology not only speeds up the entire process but also reduces the margin of error, enabling you to provide accurate and timely financial management and cashflow reporting.

Let CogiDocs assist you with invoice processing and make your workday easier. We would like to present how our services could help your organisation to save both time and money.


  • Your suppliers send paper invoices directly to your PO Box at CogiDocs
  • Your PDF received invoices are automatically forwarded to our intelligent capture service
  • Post received invoices are promptly scanned


  • Invoices are identified and key values extracted based upon header purchase order or line level extraction


  • Validation, quality control and invoice exceptions extracted
  • Clean invoice data exported directly to your accounts system
  • Invoice exceptions in work queues for resolution


  • Audit and compliant to meet company legislation as standard

In addition to paper, CogiDocs is able to handle invoices in

  • PDF
  • TIF
  • XML

All invoices are interpreted, validated and quality controlled. Business invoice rules are applied e.g. no PO, no supplier, VAT exception, missing data is corrected by our 120 strong process team ensuring you receive clean, accurate invoice data to import.

Validation rules are typically:

  • Supplier ID
  • Bank account
  • Job/property reference
  • Date format
  • Net VAT Gross
  • PO reference

You will receive a validated invoice promptly and securely in your digital workflow.

Why are we different?


We help businesses reduce costs and improve productivity by automating invoice processing and approval and reducing exception handling. We are developing the future together with our customers.